NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 Finale – Kensi, Deeks engaged (finally)

Mrs. Carter: The NCIS: Los Angeles season 8 finale finally brought the moment many fans have been waiting to see!

As the episode wrapped up, the show finally delivered on the moment that so many people were hoping to see. Deeks finally found the right timing to propose to his longtime girlfriend, and this time, the proposal happened — with the twist being that she was the one to propose. The reason that this isn’t a big spoiler is because it was set up many weeks ago that you would be seeing the engagement this season. It hadn’t happened yet, so by process of elimination it was bound to happen over the course of this hour.

Ultimately, it did here, and the gif below is probably the quickest way you can re-live it. Remember how we got here? Well, there were several botched proposals during this season, but Kensi wanted it to be right and now, it was. In general, this was an incredibly long wait when you do consider when Kensi and Deeks first started to show a romantic interest in one another. The good news is that the show has been renewed for a season 9 already, and there may be plenty of time there to plan a wedding. It’d be a surprise to see this be a long engagement, largely because there’s only so much story to cram in there. Maybe you can milk it for around half a season or so, but February sweeps would be a great time to have this story happen.

Given that this is a procedural show — and shows rarely ever focus on a wedding and nothing else — be prepared for there to be a good bit of time spent over the course of the wedding episode (whenever it happens) on a case of the week or something else. Eventually, the show will touch on the ceremony, so just hope whenever it is that there is a big celebration and some returning guest stars to go along with it.

In the end, this moment did provide some much-needed happiness, especially when you consider everything with Sam and Callen the past two weeks.