Supergirl: Episode 2.21 Spoilers – A Lillian Luthor alliance

The idea of a Lillian Luthor alliance on Supergirl season 2 episode 21 may feel strange, but in the end, it’s precisely what the doctor ordered.

Ultimately, Supergirl and the people of the DEO may not have much of a choice but to work with the Project Cadmus leader in order to achieve one thing: Having National City and the rest of the world not become New Daxam with Rhea at the helm. In the back of her mind, she’s clearly always known that there were far more survivors from her home planet than were let on by many other people, and that this large-scale invasion could be coming. It’s finally going to be here on Monday night’s new episode, and seeing just how Lillian and Kara Danvers could work together for the safety of mankind should be a rather exciting thing to check out.

The motivation that Lillian has here, sad as it may be, is probably not to help her daughter Lena, who is going through hell after being betrayed by Rhea at the end of this past episode. Instead, it’s probably tied a little bit more to her hatred of aliens coming from outside Earth. She wants to eradicate them, so that may have to be a sentiment Kara preys on in order to move forward, in spite of however uncomfortable it may understandably make her as an alien in the process.

Beyond this, the video below features co-executive producer Jessica Queller and executive producer Robert Rovner going through what makes some of this story exciting, with near the top of the list for Queller being the chance to have three different TV icons in a single hour. Not only is this episode going to be feature the return of Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant, but you will also be seeing Lynda Carter as President Marsdin to go along with Teri Hatcher of course as Rhea. Through and through, this is as good of an assembly as any the show’s brought on in two seasons. What’s also interesting is that all three characters will likely be entering the show with different emotions and motivations.