The X-Files Season 11 – Premiere will come at midseason

Interested in knowing when The X-Files season 11 is going to be back on the air? Think in terms of the same time as season 10.

Leading up to Fox’s upfront presentation, it has been confirmed that the David Duchovny – Gillian Anderson series will be returning with new episodes at midseason. It remains to be seen if Fox will choose to launch the show at around the same time that they did season 10 after the NFC Championship Game, but that looks to be the smartest decision if the priority is to try and get as good of a rating as humanly possible for the show. (The only other decision they could make is to try and launch a new series to boost the overall audience there.)

The logic behind not starting the ten-episode revival this fall is largely so that they can air weekly as a straight shot following the premiere; if the show were to start in late September, everything from baseball to a possible Thanksgiving break (depending on when it aired during the week) could leave a mark on the ratings. Plus, this gives the more time to hype things up and promote it, not that this may be all that needed. In waiting two years, the show is going to see anticipation spike up. Maybe it won’t be as hyped as the show coming back for season 10 after previously being left for dead, but it’ll still be up there.

Beyond the premiere, the big hope is for more weird, fascinating, and creative stories. Much like Supernatural, many of the best X-Files episodes are the ones that are standalone in nature and rely on imagination and interesting twists and turns. The two weakest episodes of season 10 were unfortunately the premiere and the finale, so hopefully casual fans on the fence of watching season 11 will remember the great stuff in the middle when making their decision to watch.