Scorpion Season 4 Premiere Date – When will Elyes Gabel, cast return?

When will the Scorpion season 4 premiere date be coming out of tonight’s finale? This is the biggest question at the moment.

What is known first and foremost is this: There will be a Scorpion season 4, and there is nothing slowing that down in the slightest. The show was renewed many weeks ago for another batch of episodes, and CBS obviously feels a sense of loyalty and pride to the show. One of the things that is really going for it at the moment is the fact that it is nearing a syndication threshold. The market these days is different than it was five or ten years ago — there’s not as much a need for syndication thanks to all of the various streaming properties out there — but a show like this can still make money. It is very procedural and works well in the pick-up-and-play model, so after season 4 there is a good chance that more viewers will be around to check it out on cable.

In terms of possible season 4 premiere dates, much of it does depend on timeslot … though it feels fair to presume that season 4 is going to be premiering when you get around to either late May or early October. Provided that the timeslot holds, three dates to circle are September 18, September 25, and then finally October 2. The show started a little bit later than usual in October this past season because of some other programming that CBS had on tap, and this is why such a late premiere date is possible. If that happens again, it is far from the worst thing in the world — thanks to the show having such an incredible episode order in 25, there were very few substantial breaks over the course of this season.

The next few days will offer further opportunities to dive into potential expectations; for now, though, the sentiment is that Walter / Paige’s relationship will continue to be an anchor for the show while also exploring Happy and Toby as a married couple and the overall progression of Team Scorpion as they continue to solve cases and be the heroes the city of Los Angeles needs.