Chicago Fire Season 6 – Premiere date hopes for Taylor Kinney, cast

When should the Chicago Fire season 6 premiere date be? In a perfect world, it’s easy to say “at some point next week,” but that’s not reality. It takes time to make a television show, and Taylor Kinney and the rest of the cast have to sleep at some point!

Just like the majority of other network shows out there at the moment, the presumption is that Chicago Fire season 6 will be back at some point in the early fall. It’s on the NBC fall schedule, and it will be retaining its timeslot of Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. Eastern. The only difference is that it now has a different lead-in with Superstore and The Good Place airing before it rather than This Is Us.

As for specific dates, this may be a little bit more fluid than some other fall shows given that the Chicago Fire premiere dates have varied heavily over the years. The show’s started as early as September 23, and premiered as late as October 13. Much of the reason for that is NBC shifting things around with longer premiere episodes of The Voice, premieres for other shows in special timeslots, and also everything from Olympic coverage here and there to America’s Got Talent and other summer shows ending. There are no summer games this year, so that’s not an issue. Odds are, the premiere will be somewhere between Tuesday, September 19 and Tuesday, October 10 — this is a pretty sprawling list of dates, but it’s better to be well-covered than to speculate incorrectly. One way or another, there will be more than likely another 22+ episodes to explore this universe and many of these characters.

Story-wise, you better believe that NBC and the show’s producers will have a lot of great stuff in store for you. There is still an extended One Chicago universe out there, with both Chicago PD and Chicago Med still out there. The fate of Chicago Justice is not clear just yet, but hopefully it will be over the coming weeks.