Chicago PD Season 4 Finale Spoilers – Lindsay’s mother Bunny in hot water

Want one more slice of Chicago PD season 4 finale spoilers before the episode airs tonight? Well, let’s just say that Lindsay’s mother Bunny is in danger.

As for how this specific danger comes about, here’s what can be said going into the finale. In a sneak peek that you can see over at Entertainment Tonight, Lindsay gets called by her mother in a panic during what is effectively one of the most inopportune times possible — in the midst of her determining what her own job security is. If you remember back to the end of this past episode, her future was put into jeopardy because of how she treated a pedophile during an interrogation. Her actions were very similar to what Voight likes to do, and in some instances, this is never a good thing.

Unfortunately, Bunny’s situation is dire. She finds her boyfriend dead, and the moment that the police arrive to survey the scene, the optics are not good for her given all of the blood and her presence at the scene. She insists that she didn’t do anything, but Bunny is also not the textbook definition of “credible witness.” She’s got a history of self-sabotage, and causing herself so much more trouble than she needs to. She’s an addict, and there are times when her past is going to be used as a means to further judge her.

Over the course of the finale, Lindsay is going to have the near-impossible task of trying to watch over her own back, while also contending with some of the problems that will be coming her way with the review board for her own actions. Theoretically, it’s possible that the final ends with both her mother behind bars and with her no longer having a badge, which would be devastating — granted, Chicago PD has a tough time ahead of it trying to match the sheer devastation that exists over at Chicago Fire with the finale there yesterday.