NCIS Season 14 Finale – Is Sean Murray or Mark Harmon leaving?

Following the NCIS season 14 finale on Tuesday, there is one question many may have: Is Mark Harmon leaving? What about Sean Murray?

As the characters of Gibbs and McGee found themselves surrounded in their undercover mission at the end of Tuesday’s episode, their fates absolutely do hang in the balance. It’s a great cliffhanger just from the vantage point of giving you a reason to be nervous.

As for whether or not it could actually happen, though, that’s where the doubt starts to creep in. It’s hard to imagine the show without either Murray or Harmon at this point; if they were to leave, wouldn’t it be announced in advance unless it’s another contract crisis? The two actors, as far as it’s known, are both under contract already through season 15. Meanwhile, this cliffhanger feels more like the classic case of a show just wanting to give an adrenaline jolt following an exciting hour of television. This gets people talking about NCIS in a way that they haven’t been in a while, and it’s effective.

This is ultimately a cliffhanger that NCIS did need if their ultimate goal was to get people’s heads spinning leading up to the start of the next season. It’s exciting, as is the prospect of whatever the show could be having in store for us next. The unfortunate news is that there is a long hiatus that is going to be coming between now and September, which is when the show is likely going to be popping back up with some more new episodes.

Until that time, just think a little bit about what both guys have to look forward to in their lives to come. Gibbs has a team to leave and some people who are close to. Meanwhile, McGee is expecting a child and is a newlywed. If there is anyone who has a reason to live at the moment, it’s him.