Blindspot season 3 premiere date – When will Jaimie Alexander be back?

Following tonight’s finale, what will the Blindspot season 3 premiere date be? It’s a good question, but first of all, remember it’s happening! Jaimie Alexander and company got a third-season renewal last week off of the strength of a devoted following and some DVR numbers. The live ratings aren’t exactly blowing anyone away, but at the same time, this is an era where there are some other ways to make up for it.

What is interesting about NBC’s plans for season 3 is that they’re really testing the audience to keep watching live. Why is that? The show is moving to Fridays! Per the official schedule for the fall, this show is going to be paired with Taken season 2 for a fall schedule all about busting bad guys. The show and MacGyver are going to be airing at the same time, and they will also be up against Once Upon a Time and Hell’s Kitchen. All of a sudden, this time is starting to get super-competitive!

As for the specific premiere date, though, that is something that you may need to wait a little while longer in order to see. NBC will confirm the new date over the summer. In the past, the network has waited until mid-to-late October to launch their lineup on Fridays, but that was back when they had a show in Grimm that benefited from the buzz that exists around Halloween. Things are a little bit different here given that we’re speaking about a show in Blindspot that isn’t so beholden to a particular time slot when it comes to hype. It’s certainly possible that the show premieres in late fall.

If you love the series, the biggest piece of advice worth offering up is to watch live, tell your friends to do the same, and if you do miss an episode or two (which is fair given the timeslot), you should make sure you watch via your DVR or some other authorized channel. In a world of streaming providers and hyper-competition, viewers have to show even more loyalty to ensure that their favorite shows stay alive. It’s not an easy thing to do.