Chicago PD Season 5 – Premiere date hopes for Sophia Bush, cast

Following tonight’s finale, what will the Chicago PD season 5 premiere date be? Ideally, most of us want it to be tomorrow since the show is beloved, and it’s probably going to do something to leave you screaming your TV by the end of the finale. (If it’s anything like the Chicago Fire finale, you better have a whole mountain of tissues nearby.)

The good news first and foremost is that Chicago PD was renewed for a season 5 a week ago, which effectively ensures that there will be more episodes coming in the fall. The other big of good news is that the show also has already a timeslot secured at the same time: Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time. There’s no need to worry about the show’s short-term future as a result of that! It has a great lead-in courtesy of Law & Order: SVU, and is tied for the #3 show on NBC in adults 18-49 watching live.

As for when the show could be premiering specifically, we are thinking it will be on Wednesday, September 20 or the week that follows. There are a couple of different factors that play a role in when the show could be coming back.

1. NBC’s summer programming – It’s possible that the finale for a show like America’s Got Talent could delay, even temporarily, when Chicago PD is coming back for more episodes.

2. When the fall season technically starts – It’s possible that the first Wednesday of the fall season will kick off on the 20th. However, it could be the 27th. It’s still a little bit too early to tell, but we would be shocked if it cam back later then the 27th.

The good news one way or another is that it doesn’t seem altogether likely that the series is going to be ending with season 5. While it hasn’t sold yet to syndication (which is a valuable way for it to get some additional revenue), it’s a strong-enough franchise for NBC to still want it for many years to come. Unfortunately, the future for Chicago Med and Justice is a little more cagey — the former isn’t on the fall schedule, while the latter hasn’t been officially renewed just yet at all.