Empire season 3 finale spoilers – Demi Moore appears; Cookie’s mission

The Empire season 3 finale is going to be coming your way on Fox in a mere matter of days, so why not go ahead and get prepared for that now? This is an episode that will feature a little bit of everything in so far as great entertainment goes, given that you’ve got a showdown between Team Lucious and Team Cookie like no other. Given that this is one of the foundations for this series (these two both love and hate each other, and really cannot get away from each other no matter how much they want to), odds are that things are only going to continue to spiral out of control before they level off.

Also, this episode features an ENORMOUS guest star in movie icon Demi Moore! She will make a big appearance during “Toil and Trouble: Part 2,” and by the end of this episode the stage will be set for her to have even more of a role in season 4.

Synopsis – “As Lucious gets ready to launch EMPIRE Las Vegas with Giuliana at his side, Cookie pulls together her own team of allies to wreak havoc on the opening. The final five minutes will leave viewers speechless in the second half of the all-new, two-part “Toil and Trouble, Part 2″ season finale episode.”

Judging from the way in which that ends, it feels almost like a given that there will be a big cliffhanger. Will it be on the level as Rhonda and Anika going off the side of a building? That, at the moment, is the big question going into the episode? One way or another, this is going to be an epic finish to the season that was probably aided by the fact that Empire got itself an early renewal, meaning that there was never much of a reason to be worried about the show’s future at the time the writers were wrapping things up.

Judging from the promo below, there are a few things that you can expect to see: Explosions, arrests, achievements, but then also tears and possibly death. It could be a finale for the ages.