Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Episode 22: Peralta and Diaz found guilty for Hawkins’ crimes?

In the previous episode, the revered Captain Hawkins realizes that Jake and Rosa are aware of her tactics and plan to bring her down. She frames Jake and Rosafor her crimes at the end of the previous episode.

Jake and Rosa are out on bail, but now face 15 years in prison for the Golden Gang robberies. Jake and Rosa are assured that their defense is adequate, in that they have alibis for the three other robberies and that they cannot be linked to the money they allegedly stole. Hawkins, however, obliterates the alibis with documents and fake back stories and even manages to put all the $26 million that was amassed in the Golden Gang robberies in Jake’s account.

This development puts the entire nine-nine in crisis mode. Terry and Charles (who now has a head of white hair because of the stress of potentially losing Jake) look to find a hacker that can prove the accounts are not Jake and Rosas’ while Jake and Amy look for evidence against Hawkins. They discover Matthew Langdon, a promising detective who had dropped out of the force after joining Hawkins’ team. They drive up to his location to convince him to testify against Hawkins. Langdon initially declines but warms up to the idea of testifying. Meanwhile, Terry and Charles find a hacker who enlists the help of several other hackers to find the source that sent all the money to Jake’s account. In an insanely humorous running gag, we find unexpected details about Terry’s life with the addition of each new hacker.

In the midst of all this, Rosa plans an escape to Argentina, where her boyfriend waits for her, to flee her impending jail time. Captain Holt finds her and asks her to stay and fight the charges. The usually reserved Captain Holt talks about the Nine-Nine as a family that will miss Rosa if she ran, but Rosa insists she has made her decision. However, Rosa shows up at the hearing and says that she wasn’t ready to say goodbye.

Terry finds out through the hackers that Langdon’s location is one source that sent the cash to Jake’s account and relays this information to Amy just as Jake’s star witness is about to give his testimony. He gushes about Captain Hawkins and gives an incriminating testimony against Jake. Jake and Rosa are subsequently found guilty on all charges.

This high stakes episode has become par for the course for Brooklyn Nine-Nine finales. The fast pace and a major storyline (as opposed to a two or three storylines) take away from the quirky humor that the show is known for without sacrificing the content. This trade-off has been successful in the past finales and was (astonishingly) even more successful this time around, as the audience was left for quite a loop with the latest cliffhanger.  The frantic pace of this episode comes to a screeching halt at the end, and the audience is left waiting for the next season.