Lucifer Season 2 Episode 18: Lucifer bids adieu to dear old mum in finale

Having found the missing piece to the sword right underneath their noses, Lucifer and Amenadiel can finally frequent heaven. Charlotte is not present when the last piece is discovered, and Amenadiel feels (overjoyed and also) the need to reconsider things after finding that he is their dad’s favorite son.

Lucifer, however, realizes there is not much time to be spared after hearing that his mother’s powers are returning full-force and sends Mazikeen to track down his brother.

Chloe, meanwhile works the case of a murder that Charlotte inadvertently committed in the previous episode. Lucifer tries his best to stymie the Detectives’ progress, knowing all too well that she would crack the case eventually.

Charlotte, meanwhile, pays Linda a visit, after fixating on something Linda had said when she previously visited her about Lucifer’s feelings about her. She interrogates and tortures Linda for information and learns of Lucifer’s real plans.

Mazikeen meanwhile tracks down, subdues, and delivers Amenadiel back to Lucifer who tries his best to convince his brother to give up the missing piece to the sword, but comes up short. Charlotte returns to find them hesitant to follow the original plan and gets heated. She flings the boys through the room and asks Amenadiel for the third piece. He says he would rather give up his life than the piece.

Charlotte, then reverts to plan B. She awaits the detective to solve the case finally and uses the detective’s phone while being arrested for blackmailing Lucifer for the piece. Amenadiel grudgingly parts with it, and Lucifer rushes over to the Detectives and his mothers’ location, all but ready to hand over the now-complete sword. Mazikeen and Amenadiel, in the meantime, arrive at Linda’s office to find her on the brink of death. Amenadiel notes that there is no time to get her to the hospital.

Amenadiel summons all of his atrophied strength to slow down time so that Mazikeen can get Linda to the hospital. Meanwhile, just as Lucifer is prepared to give his mother what she wants, the brother of the man she killed shows up for revenge and shoots at her.

At that moment, Amenadiel’s powers are activated, and Lucifer saves Charlotte from the bullet and everyone else from Charlotte. He convinces her that the only way forward for her would be creating her world and not visiting heaven saying all that would come from return would be war. Charlotte, despite wanting more than anything to visit her children, realizes that Lucifer is right and that she loved her children too much to hurt them. In an emotionally fraught scene, Lucifer raises the sword and cuts open a vortex. The pair says goodbye to each other, and Lucifer throws the sword in after his mother gets through the vortex.

One theme of this episode was a returning lack of trust between Lucifer and Chloe, and Lucifer addresses it at the end of the episode. He calls Chloe and says that he is willing to confess everything. Just as the phone call ends, Lucifer is knocked unconscious by a blow to the head. He comes to in a vast desert, with his wings having seemingly grown back.