Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is RENEWED for Season 5

This Agents of Shield video spoiler is brought to to you via Marvel Protege Youtube channel and here is their summary:

Celebrating the good news of being renewed for Season 5, Marvel Protégé decided to upload this video of the Cast Members and Crew Members when they celebrated 50 Episode with Episode 7 of Season 3 which means than the next coming season will see us reaching a 100 Episode Milestone!!

Last week, Marvel Protégé uploaded a video from TV Guide with reasons on why ABC should renew Agents of SHIELD. The worry of not getting Season came because of a sudden drop in Viewership and Ratings early Season 4, but the show gradually improved, maybe the production team became very scared and started working very hard. And it does seem like the hardwork has finally paid off. Another reason why the show might have been renewed is because Marvel Television wants to crossover a new upcoming show Inhumans. Fans of the show know that the Inhumans have already been introduced in Season 2, so this might also be one of the reasons why. A special shoutout to Agents of SHIELD fans to tweeted ABC every single with hashtag #RenewAgentsOfSHIELD!!!

With Season 5 coming…we hope for the following:

  • Grant Ward, Agent Tripplet, Bobbi Morse (Mocking Bird) and Hunter to return permanently to the show. I don’t know how and I don’t know about Hope.
  • Elena (Yo-Yo) should stay as well. It would be quite good if they were to keep Ophelia Sarkissian but seeing the Finale trailer, they’re more like to write her off.
  • Ghost Rider and Daisy Johnson? Are we shipping them?? Yes? No? Maybe? What is Ward returns?
  • Why haven’t we seen Agent Natasha Romanoff and Agent Clint Burton on Agents of SHIELD since they are SHIELD’s top and trusted Agents?? And when will the Avengers know that Coulson is alive and formed SHIELD from scratch? Marvel is slacking!!

Anyway….There’s a lot that I need for Season 5. It is going to be very interesting to see how we move on from here. Now all we are waiting for, is for ABC to order 22 Episodes of the Show and announce our Premiere for next Fall.

To Coulson and Team…Happy renewal of Season 5!!