Grace & Frankie Season 4: Here is what you can expect with the new season ‘Coming to terms with age’

We hadn’t gotten over with the last scene of the season 3 when Netflix announced the top dates of the Season 4 to the Grace & Frankie tale! With life complications as cruel as ever and the duo catching on each other’s life variations when their husband left them for each other, the key protagonists Jane Fonda (Grace) & Lily Tomlin (Frankie) are going strong into discovering their own life and figuring out what went wrong along the path of life.

Growing up surely has a lot to teach you, and with the coming of the age of the 70s the fights and struggles double up! This is exactly the theme of the story building up the Season 4 of the Grace and Frankie saga! There are new entrants to the story, people who are fast past the age of 70 and dealing with their own old world problems, people whom you haven’t seen before in the series. The story proceeds with more drama and insights into the problems of not just Grace & Frankie but this time focuses on the story of Brianna.

Brianna’s love life is on a toll and takes attention this season as she tries to seek answers to her problems. Then there are some major issues coming up in the life of Grace which she isn’t prepared for and is going to get really interesting. Mallory’s story gets highlighted in the first part of the series where she’s going through a divorce and definitely shall look in a rut. The rush, run, and confusion are going to keep your nail bitten for long as with Mallory i.e. Brooklyn Decker involved in the scenes, one can promise that there is something amazing coming up this season!

Season 4 has the tagline ‘Coming to terms with age’ and this clearly depicts that the characters of the story are going to come to terms with their being, the problems related to their age and shall have a tough time dealing with all the mess that they face. The coming of new characters is going to add freshness to the storyline with a lot of new drama and situations that are pertinent to the world today.

Moving away from network television has helped the friends creator in advancing through the thought that underlies television. There has been more of play with the thrills, mysteries and ‘what next?’ to keep you stuck until the next episode. With each episode looping you into the story, this season promises to keep you tied until you see the duo set with happiness, may be!

The show airs on Netflix next year, said Kauffman.