Grey’s Anatomy’s finale is one to remember

Stuff goes haywire right off the tip. Maggie, the optimist newbie, is sure everything’s fine when it’s the opposite. We find Stephanie who looks like she’s been put through hell, literally, as she has suffered mild burns. To top matters off, Erin, the little kid from the previous episode, has now vanished and her father can’t locate her. Stephanie and Erin are trapped in the hellish inferno together.

Jackson is still looking for Stephanie at this point, Meredith is searching for Erin, and Minnick (comedically enough) is looking for the guidebook. Stephanie meanwhile crawls over to Erin to find that her leg’s been impaled by a machine. The raw moment when Stephanie handles Erin’s wound is quite much.

When Erin finally manages to stand, she and Stephanie begin to make progress when a beam falls in front of them. Improvising, Stephanie takes a huge blanket and douses herself and the blanket with water.

What follows is an ill-conceived decision that embodies the spirit of Grey’s Anatomy: drama trumps all. Stephanie and Erin, clad with their magical cloak run through fire, and live to tell the tale, for now.

The stairwell is not a plausible exit strategy, what with it being engulfed in flames, so the duo decides to go to the roof. Easier said than done, however, as Stephanie is full of burns. Jackson continues his search.

Despite this hot mess of a situation continuing to implode and explode seemingly at the same time, Riggs does what Riggs does best and doesn’t give a hoot. Meredith naturally joins because her death wish is somehow still unfulfilled.

A keycard mishap later, Erin and Stephanie are on the roof, and Riggs and Meredith have evacuated, and it seems as though everything is going to be okay (a futile assumption) until Erin starts coding.

When the rest of the staff catches up, Stephanie is giving Erin compressions and won’t let go. Finally, after repeated efforts and a grand telling-off to Minnick, Erin stabilizes, and Stephanie drops to the floor. I mean, she had quite a few burns.

My favorite part was when Catherine demands why extraction took so long and Bailey explodes into form and admonishes Minnick for being a ‘robot doctor.’ A close second would be when Stephanie survives. The episode ends with Owen and Meredith, the two remaining stanchions on the show, having a poignant conversation about Derek.