Nashville’s 100th episode is as good as it gets

The season starts with Juliette talking to Glen in an attempt to reclaim her past glory (and image) with her new album. Unfortunately, Glen cites the surplus of competition in her field as a reminder of just how hard it would be.

The dynamic between Gunnar and Scarlett is even more strained in this episode as Damien takes them to a huge mansion and insists he would like to be a co-parent. Scarlett and Gunnar are very pessimistic about any of it working out. This three person dynamic makes for fantastic TV watching as something like the mere presence of Damien is enough to throw things (and people) for a loop.

Maddie seems to be enjoying her life as a solo artist. Maddie’s song from episode 13 goes viral in this episode, and Maddie is called for a radio interview. However, the DJ focuses all the questions on Maddie’s mom, and it doesn’t take long for the interview to get awkward.

Maddie’s troubles don’t end here, however. Clayton (a friend of Maddie’s) and Maddie are pulled over while driving home. Being black, Clayton becomes fearful and co-operates with the officer, while Maddie snaps back at the officer, accusing the officer of racial profiling.

Maddie and Clayton are consequently handcuffed, and a crowd gathers around them. Soon enough videos surface on the internet and Maddie gets a ton of hate mail. Adding insult to injury, Clayton says he needs a break from Maddie as they come from ‘two different worlds.’

Juliette, meanwhile, dogged in her pursuit of getting back on track. She visits a songwriter who gives her track to hand over to Maddie. Juliette later visits Maddie after the highly publicized arrest but still doesn’t hand over the track, keeping it for herself. She then tells the songwriter that Maddie didn’t especially like the track.

This episode feels much calmer than the kerosene soaked drama bombs that have been hurled at us in the past few weeks. We finally got an insightful peek into the characters this week, and it’s been a long time coming.

By SpoilerToday