This NCIS season finale will leave you with more questions than answers

The episode kicks off with a hand in the Paraguayan River. The fingerprints are those of a military man by the name of Matthew Dean, who apparently disobeyed NCIS team to figure out why Matthew was there in the first place.

This is enough to stifle the locomotive that is Abby from focusing all her energy on a baby shower for Delilah, one that Delilah knows nothing about. In the meantime, another excess of body parts washes ashore in Paraguay. Dean’s wife, upon hearing, says that it was perplexing that Dean went to Paraguay, as he was supposed to be in Canada for recreational purposes. The episode becomes juicier when Bishop and Quinn learn that Paraguay was the site of Matthew’s last mission.

A call to Dean’s commander isn’t very fruitful, although the bunch learns that Dean was meeting up with another SEAL friend (Charlie Hudson), and even asked the commander to join (he declined). The job of completing the human puzzle goes to Palmer and Ducky, who ID Dean with his arm tattoo since dental records are not available.

Meanwhile, Torres and McGee search Hudson’s ‘home’ and find evidence incriminating that 4 backpacks were filled with ammunition, grenades, tear gas, the works, but only 2 were taken. A picture of Dean, Hudson, Dean’s commander and a fourth person is found.

The fourth person, Christopher Clayton, reveals that ‘going fishing’ was just a code word for visiting Las Vegas and hitting casinos. Clayton also did not ‘go fishing’ this time around. Hesitant to offer details at first, Clayton divulges after hearing about the disappearances and probable deaths of his friends.

Clayton says that the idea was for them to learn about the RAC, who kidnapped and trained kids to steal uranium. Footage near the Paraguay River reveals rebels in the areas where Dean’s and another were found.

Testing, however, reveals that most of the body parts are not Dean’s, but Hudsons’, meaning that Dean is probably alive. Gibbs takes this moment to order Bishop and McGee to go to Paraguay immediately. Torres is also chosen because he will ‘blend in better.’

In Paraguay, Gibbs locates where Dean used to hide. Turns out, Dean and Hudson were there to save a boy named Enrique. The very next day, after agreeing to a joint voluntary mission to extract the kids, the team almost heads out on their helicopter when McGee notices the presence, or lack thereof, of Gibbs. He realizes that Gibbs has stayed back to take on the RAC and he jumps out of the helicopter to join him. The episode ends with Gibbs and McGee going up against a bullet hailstorm.

By SpoilerToday